PALOP-TL and UE – New website. More Cooperation.

The cooperation between the PALOP-TL and the European Union (EU) has a new image and website, online from today, with information on the history of the partnership, the programs and projects carried out, news, as well as a knowledge space that invites the public to reflect on topics relevant to cooperation. The scientific and technical knowledge generated in the past, in production in the present and projected for the future, is one of the main assets of this partnership, now accessible to all.

The relationship between the PALOP-TL and the European Union represents a great opportunity for the economic and social development of the countries, while at the same time strengthening and promoting fundamental values such as democracy and human rights.

Over the last 26 years of working together, Cooperation has supported 5 programs, 20 projects, in sectors such as education and vocational training, health, justice, public finance, governance and public administration, statistics and culture. A new stage has been set in motion within the 11th European Development Fund funding framework, and the objectives for the next projects are the promotion of good governance and job creation in the area of culture.

With more and better communication, Cooperation reinforces essential aspects of its mission, including the dissemination of good practices and success stories and the promotion of the exchange of expertise. Now closer to the citizen and looking to the future, the PALOP-TL and the EU reiterate their willingness to collaborate and overcome challenges based on dialogue and joint initiatives.