Portuguese Language Bibliography Fund


Encourage reading in the five PALOP countries, improve the capacity to edit, publish and distribute books and promote the literary work and magazines that foster the cultural traditions and mutual knowledge of the populations, through their transcription into Portuguese.


  • Improvement of technical capacity to produce texts by training publishers in desktop publishing;
  • Installation of publishing infrastructures (desktop computer) in each country to enable fast and effective publication of texts and books of general interest for wide dissemination;
  • Encourage the national media to promote reading by training journalists in cultural aspects and by editing a weekly bulletin;
  • Support for radio broadcasting, encouraging the discovery of books, magazines and newspapers;
  • Training for managers/organisers of "local reading clubs" (trainers training), to ensure a multiplying training effect and lead to one liaison officer per school.
  • Training for librarians and booksellers to foster reading habits among teachers and students.
  • Creation of a framework for discussion and coordination among the five countries regarding reading policies to address legal, administrative and tax obstacles to the expansion of the sector;
  • The installation of one “mobile library" per country, on an experimental basis, to encourage reader networks and the exchange and swapping of books in the most underprivileged areas;
  • Stimulate book production through the "PALOP Portuguese Language Book Prize".

Target Audience

Trainers, publishers, journalists, librarians, document specialists and organisers of local reading clubs in the PALOP countries.
Indirect beneficiaries: The general population of the PALOP countries.

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