Support for the Development of Judicial Systems II


Contribute for the development of justice systems more just, equitable and accessible to the populations of the PALOP countries and contribute to a permanent structural change in the justice sector and society in general, supporting and strengthening the social and economic development of all the PALOP countries.


  • Training of judicial and prison system officials in good administrative practices;
  • Creation of specialised teaching material duly adapted to the training centres in the PALOP countries;
  • Creation of an online legal database on the legislation, jurisprudence and doctrine in each PALOP country (Legis PALOP);
  • Debate on the review of the legal codes appropriate for the particularities of each PALOP country.

Target Audience

Directors of the Institutes of Legal Training and Education in the PALOP countries, officers of the justice and prison sectors
Indirect beneficiaries: Judicial system managers, Ministry of Justice staff, prison authorities, lawyers and universities in the PALOP countries

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