Support for the Improvement in Quality and Proximity of Public Services in PALOP and Timor Leste | PASP


Modernise local and central Government for a more efficient and faster Public Administration that is more accessible and more citizen-orientated, promoting good governance practices, namely through the computerisation of public services (e-governance).


  • Increased skills and institutional capacity to manage and implement ICT projects in public administration;
  • Creation and review of legislation on E-Governance in line with international best practices;
  • Improve the provision and distribution of public services to citizens and companies respecting principles of proximity and efficiency;
  • Improved ICT operations and solutions in the PALOP-TL countries.

Target Audience

  • Governing bodies responsible for preparing and approving E-Governance laws and regulations (Governments and Parliaments)
  • Ministries responsible for the implementation of E-Governance national policies and programmes
  • Institutional focal points responsible for implementing the project at national level: DNRN, INIC, INFOSI, INTIC, CEVATAGE and NOSi
  • Universities and vocational training centres involved in the preparation and provision of training courses in Management and ICTs.

Indirect beneficiaries: Companies and the general population of the PALOP-TL countries

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