Support to the Development of the PALOP Statistics Systems II | PADSE II


To improve the quality and quantity of the statistical information in the PALOP countries, to support the decision-making process and allow a well-informed public opinion by making comparable data available in a timely manner.


  • Definition and implementation of systems for planning, coordination and management of statistical information, in accordance with international recommendations;
  • Definition and application of routines for the publication and dissemination of the statistical information;
  • Updating and consolidation of the system of international nomenclatures, managed using the Integrated System of Economic Nomenclatures;
  • Implementation of the SNA93 and dissemination of methods and sources to produce the National Accounts;
  • Consolidation of production and dissemination of business statistics (using the Integrated System of Business Statistics) and informal sector activities;
  • Implementation of common methodologies and statistics compilation tools for the preparation and publication of memos on the economy and tableaux de bord;
  • Definition and implementation of social indicators and methodologies for the diagnosis and follow-up of National Strategies for Poverty Reduction and across-the-board issues;
  • Design and application of financial engineering for the mobilisation of resources for the statistics compilation activity.

Target Audience

Professionals from the National Statistics Offices in the PALOP countries, namely managers and accountants.

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